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Celebrating each step of the way

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2021 was an incredible year for me; I started my blog Z EYE FOR FASHION AND BEAUTY, went back to school FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, moved to a better apartment in BROOKLYN, and just started as a vendor for one of the top Luxury Fashion House in the world. 

Yes, for the first time in a long time I feel I am going in the right direction, my way. Steve Harvey, one of the influencers I listen to the most when I wake up in need of stronger motivation, said one needs to celebrate the small victories and be proud of them. 

The time it took me to start what I wanted for my career my life basically is essential as well; my past lessons and experiences all contributed to my grind and purpose. 

The challenge to restart is hard I know, I know, to take the risk of doing differently of what the society or your environment had envisioned for your future and be “the rebel” and acting on “the dream” your dream at any given age is not easy. 

The years and years it took me to finally realize that Annevalentine, you will not be loved by everybody, or accepted, nor understood by everyone else, even more, you do not have to please everyone girl, you do not hold the key to the solution to everyone else problem. 

Oh My GodThe Liberation,” as I call it, is the primordial connection of my being; it was very challenging because I let go of a lot of people (friends, family members) and broke mental chains barriers. As I developed my freedom of being happy with just myself. This is a long and tedious process, it feels very lonely at times, and even scary because you need to fight the odds and stay your ground.  

To be clear, I am not a motivator nor a life coach expert, I endured up and down throughout my life and I have learned my lessons; to change or how to start my journey of finding my goal in life (which I am still working on), contains many steps and attitudes I had to adapt over the years.

Move in silence 

Do you know how many great ideas got down the drainer because it was shared too soon with the wrong audience? Plus, the people around you (friends and family) think they know you to the “T” meanwhile, you are yourself trying to figure out who you are (purpose) and what you want for your own sake (goal).

It is tempting to confine in your cousins and aunties during family functions or phone calls, so my move is when asked questions like; so Annevalentine what have you up to lately? I respond “working “and I keep “the for my dream” in silence. 

Protect your energy 

All battles are not worth fighting also you do not have to always have the right or an answer at all. If your instinct is telling you to take the other road, TAKE THE OTHER ROAD FRIEND. I only answer phone calls from relatives who will bring laughter or in case of an emergency. I trust my gut feeling it is rarely wrong and plus I keep a positive mindset. 

I avoid unnecessary arguments, encounters even foods (I’m reaching about the food but in all seriousness, if it makes you uncomfortable do not partake). Tips every fourth quarter of each year. I pledge to have a positive attitude and think and speak only positively it is like a mental and energy cleanse. 

Focus on yourself (do not worry about others) 

Everyone is happy and has a bag in social media, but the real one will tell you it took a lot of work, time, and consistency to be where they are. So, focusing on yourself is not selfish it is the contrary because for me the more I am involved in my business the happier I am. 

I am far away from my goals, I still celebrate each small win and I keep on working on myself, I have gratitude and I try my best to remain myself every day that it is hard now so it can be softened later. 

Avoid procrastination

This tip I still working on it myself because this procrastination part is the little devil in my time schedule. I am naturally someone who likes to plan last minute and work best under pressure, but I have come to realize my 20’s energy is not my 30’s energy therefore sticking to my itinerary is more productive and less stressful. Your girl is working, going to school, and working on my blogging journey plus my family of two, so it is a lot.

I try to stay on time with my plans and avoid the unnecessary guilt feeling of not doing the most I can do. Sticking to the plan might be a little robotic and sometimes it hurt with your creative side, so when you feel a spleen just a little time for yourself, fuel up energy and go back to work. 

Do not give up

I do not have a lot of followers on social media, nor do I have a lot of readers for my blog yet, nonetheless I just love the process of my writing journey, I remember my first published post how nervous I was, I was thinking is my English proficiency enough, do I sound too serious, will my readers laugh at my content and so many anguish anxiety that I am surmounting each post at a time. 

My writing skills are getting better even my speaking English is a lot better also I am directed towards my blogging approach for plus size, curvy and tall and most importantly to be comfortable in what you wear. 

I am very grateful for each one of you that stops here to read and share my post. 

I would love to hear from you down in the comment and I have so much plan for 2022. It is the Z EYE FOR FASHION AND BEAUTY take over. 


A. J 

Article Name
Celebrating each step of the way
My writing skills are getting better even my speaking English is a lot better also I am directed towards my blogging approach for plus size, curvy and tall and most importantly to be comfortable in what you wear. 

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