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The Blogger

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by! my name is Annevalentine Joseph, born in Port-au- PrinceHaiti, and raised a little bit everywhere around the world, from PetionvilleParis, Santo Domingo, and New York City, also quadrilingual. I think the right definition is “adult Third Culture Kids” (ATCK). I have my BS in business Administration from the Universidad IBEROAMERICANA (UNIBE). Married (yes, he likes it and puts a ring on it). Agatha Christie Collector, and full-time daydreamer.

The Blog

I finally started Z Eye for fashion and Beauty, in February 2021, after years of lingering for the ‘’perfect moment”. Well, the pandemic reapproved yours truly, there was no such thing as perfect timing consequently I decided to get out of my perfectionism shell and to start pouring and sharing my content with the world.

“Z” is the first letter of my late mother surname, Zette, –she taught me so much at a young age about la mode and beauty, she is my inspiration and my OG influencer– “Eye” stands as my imaginary radar – I developed over the years throughout my cultural influences- that screens a fashion treasure from a flagship store in Fifth avenue as much as one from the flea market in la Duarte.

The Why?

I love fashion and writing so much –still possess all my teenage diaries– all the time have considered them as my shield. During my life and past experiences, I had to adapt and start over several times, and now I want to take over my life to pursue my real passion, Blogging. Yes at 33 years old and surviving all the odds.

My style consists of chic comfortable pieces. I need to feel plush while seating otherwise the outfit got to go. It is a real struggle for curvy girls. I aim to manifest is it possible to refashion the narrative with style, regardless of your tribulations or access to luxury.

I will love to hear from you, so do not be afraid to reach out!

For all other inquiries drop me an email at: info@zeyeforfashionandbeauty.com


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