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It is about time indeed for me. The title of the event represents the perfect coincidence to attend my first Fashion Event for 2021 and to publish my first blog of content.

About Time Fashion and Duration is open to the public at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue from October 28, 2020 -February 7, 2021. (The exhibition is made possible by Louis Vuitton.)

The line was gradually expanding when I arrived at The Met 30 minutes prior to the opening schedule. The wait gave me a very invigorating feeling standing in the 25-degree breezy cold on the stairs of the museum to be open at 10:00 AM. This is a very anticipated exhibition, the number of people admitted is limited due to the pandemic, therefore it is safe to appear on time to join the event and secure a pass.  After getting my tickets and give my little contribution. (Free for New York residents, also can donate as small as you want while getting the ticket). 

They were enough time to wander around the museum and to explore other art exhibitions, antiquities and discover medieval costumes before the 11:00 AM starting the show.
The exhibition is located on the left side of the building on the second floor, all the safety guidelines are respected minimum attendance, masks required, temperature check, 6 feet minimum.  A Little confusion regarding the 17 minutes delay past 11:00 AM, before entering the room, was all dissipated by the staff which explained due to more safety measures they have to be strict with attendance, therefore the exact time cannot be sharply respected, it was all forgotten as soon I stepped in the scene, the interior design spoke for itself I am introduced to an actual live human-size clock, a discrete staff member let me know pictures are allowed without flash. My eyes captivated by the décor in dark chestnut wood tincture and subtle light, the atmosphere is imposing, and I feel propelled back in time and have a privileged VIP front row seat of a prestigious Fashion show of past remarkable ensemble of the best designers in the industry are inches away.

The attendees are set to discover minute by minute prestigious tailored silhouettes mostly in black to highlight the unmissable connection of Fashion and Time. My eyes are ready to photograph and my iPhone 12 Pro Max as well, (Every time I am in a place of art or creativity I capture the scenery with “my eyes as a camera” to engrave it all in my brain may be one of the reason is cause I always lose or break my phones and haven’t mastered the art of data backup). The fashion spectacle begins the second minute of the hour is The 1877 American Afternoon Dress alongside Alexander McQueen 1995 afternoon dress, Personally delighted of the mostly black ensembles back and forth these add to the imposing form of the clock and retain the serenity and majesty of the moment.
At 4 minutes we find 1892 American suit with 1989 Martin Margiela ensemble, I was shocked to witness the modernity of the 129 years old compared to the 2021 ones, the similarity is striking, totally understand now and I quote “it is a difficult business -this timekeeping: nothing more quickly disorders it than contact with any of the arts’’ Virginia Woolf, Orlando: A BIOGRAPHY (1928). Same sewing pattern again at the fifth minute 1895 American raincoat et JW Anderson 2020 coat. Tenth-minute display silhouette 1908 French dress and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton ensemble in 2011. At the twelfth minute, no confusion possible as the inspiration of John Galliano for the Maison Margiela ensemble is the 1908 American Red Cross Uniform.

So, on minute after minute, we explore how Fashion even after decades respects the rules of the sewing pattern and keeps the originality and dedication in the details in each presentation side by side. One of the dresses that hit me the most is James Charles 1932 black silk- rayon satin faced chiffon – crepe evening dress in the twentieth minute is really the definition that the greatest elegance is found in simplicity. I savor each minute one by one, taking the time to contemplate the display of crafts and artistry in each presentation, when to my greatest surprise another staff member us in a corridor and we fall into another showroom, in which mirrors from top to bottom are illuminated contrasting with the previous room exhibit. We have the impression of being in a magic film suspended in time where dresses and ensemble are the protagonist spirit to lead us in.

Balmain, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Dior, Alexander Mc Queen, Yves Saint Laurent are all part of it to name a few .At the XLI-minute Sarah Burton For Alexander Mc Queen ensemble triggers my imagination even more (Suddenly I am the Haitian who makes the front page of vogue magazine dressed of the ensemble of course for most stylish woman in the country). L-minute I smiled of the 1986 Georgina Godley dress, one year prior to my Birthday, there was an haute couture dress made for my figure and assets. (I felt empowered and reassurance of a place for my creativity in the industry).

The final chapter of the exhibition is a creation of Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of Viktor & Rolf showcasing a beautiful garment made of a surplus fabric of past collections. This reminder was appropriate to conscious of our position on the devastating impact of accelerated commercial demand on the environment. Sustainable Fashion and creativity are the way to go and I applaud every designer brand that focuses its crafts and niche on this urgent matter
I enjoyed every minute of the exhibition, felt fortunate to witness such a regal display of consistency and longevity of Fashion, even more, grateful for the inspiration to create the first content for my Blog.

As I mentioned in the beginning is it “About Time” that I welcome all of you to my new Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blog. My aim is to cover all the Fashion events, create authentic content and evolve my creativity along with you. If you are still reading this part, I want to personally thank you and excited for you to come back.
Yours truly smooches.

Thank you so much for reading and welcome to my Blog.

Z eye for fashion and beauty


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