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The first time I recalled associating Fashion and Valentine’s day was in sophomore year. The school Director allowed us to have a color day (Journée de couleur). All my fellow classmates were hipped; we were determined to look gorgeous in pink or red. After I implored my Dad for some shopping money, my two besties and I went for the hunt.

2002, a handful of clothing stores in Petion Ville Haiti were even less for teenagers with clueless and bring it on as outfit aspirations. After no luck on our shopping spree endeavors, disappointed not getting the red outfit of my dreams, I settled for my favorite black t-shirt with Britney Spears print and my kaki jeans and my slinky slides and a whole lot of lip gloss.

2021, I am living in NYC, I mean, there are multitudes of retails stores and online choices at my fingertips. In retrospect of this past episode, I honestly know it is one of the contributions that developed the “Z Eye”.
My Fashion and Beauty imaginary radar can screen a store to find the perfect outfit because I am a step ahead on what I want to wear and utilizing the practical Z shopping steps.

Z shopping steps
1 – Be confident with your body type (My case tall and thick) know your size and measurements in dress, pants, jacket, blazer, bodysuit, shoes, and undergarments, etc.
2- Make a list of 3 to 5 favorite stores or brands retail or online. (I recommend a store that caters to all the pieces mentioned above.
3- Decide on your outfit do you want to wear a dress or two pieces, a jumpsuit, etc…
4- Determine1 to 3 shades (color block, pattern, or prints).
5 – have a mini-Fashion board on your phone or tablet with the desired outfit inspiration.

I ought to celebrate my 14-year-old self this year with a red dress given the opportunity. I applied Z shopping steps. I wear size 12, one of my favorite stores is MACYS, had my mini board inspirations with Pinterest. I picked this red DKNY flowy pleated dress with long sleeves that caught my eyes, INC stockings, with my current favorite vintage Stewart Weizmann shoe size 9, I purchased on The Real Real, ladies this right there is the plug on quality vintage pieces, thank me later. And not to forget my Fenty Beauty gloss bomb in fussy.

I understand there are sometimes last-minute change, it happened which is okay, know that following those 5 simple steps will save you a lot of time and anxiety. Applying them over time will make the shopping experience more enjoyable while not settling instead getting the dream outfit.

If you are into comfortable, turning heads ensemble that look expensive while on a budget this is the right blog for you, I will provide you with tips, steps, and tools that I use to elevate my looks every Sunday. Let me know if you have applied the steps and did it make a difference.

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Thank you so much for reading, stay tuned and I can wait to share more.



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