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Warm and powerfulSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

My mother, brother, and I lived in HouillesParis. During my entire kindergarten and first-grade year of school. I have memories of her fierce walk. When she wore her long black fringe coat, she had more confidence.-There is the power behind a good coat-.

kate Spade black and white print coat

Kate Spade

 If you have read my last blog (thank you so much), you will know that I follow simple steps when shopping to save time, avoid stress and get the result of a comfortable, chic turning head and budget-friendly outfit.


 Z shopping steps 

 1 – Be confident with your body type (My case, tall and thick). Know your size and measurements in dress, pants, jacket, blazer, coat, bodysuit, shoes, and undergarments.

 2- Make a list of 3 to 5 favorite stores or brands retail or online. (I recommend a store that caters to all the pieces mentioned above.

 3- Decide on your outfit. Do you want to wear a dress or two pieces, a jumpsuit?

 4- Determine1 to 3 shades (color block, pattern, or prints). 

 5 – have a mini-Fashion board on your phone or tablet with the desired outfit inspiration. 

DKNY Nude trench coat


Z shopping steps diminishes the burden of returns clothes and assure I acquire my power coat right with the correct measurements, especially when buying online on some of my favorite brands, which you might need a size down, for example, ASOS meanwhile for ZARA, you might need a size up when purchasing a coat.

Over time with practice and keeping track of your measurement’s details, the steps will gradually help you personalize your catalog and have a more useful shopping experience.

In my humble opinion, the code to a powerful coat is correct measurements, stature, and a sprinkle of personality. There are so many trends out there, the traditional trench, wrap, puffy, just to name a few of the trendiest options, and each can be style differently for any type of occasion.

 Height between 5’6’’ to 6’0’’ a long coat adds extra power to your look. There are various choices from the double-breasted, plaided, checkered, trench, wrap, oversize, etc.
 Height between 5’0 to 5’5’’ a short coat puts in pizazz to your appearance. Leather, puffy, denim, faux fur coat are appreciable choices.


The coat is on my top list of necessities, especially this year. The weather has been so hard on all of us, being an islander winter is not my favorite season nonetheless I love a right coat power look moment, stay tune if fashion, beauty, and lifestyle is your passion. I will always introduce my blogs with personal memory. Thank you for reading. See you next week.

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