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Tips for blogging in English

Tips for blogging in EnglishSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

My guidance counselor explained that I needed to pass my Regents to graduate, and one of the most challenging exams was English. 

Given my good grade, I got admitted to my senior year of high school, and I needed to focus and learn all the materials quickly to have the level of knowledge adequate. 

Reading books written in English

Therefore, even if my pronunciation has a strong accent, I could understand 65% to 75% of my English reading content. 

Watch TV shows and movies in English

The discovery helps me pick up English rapidly; additionally, when not reading, I was glued to the screen to understand what they were saying on tv shows and movies gradually and from there learning the pronunciations

I passed all my regents. I endowed a new language, and little by little, I keep improving my diction and writing in English.

Formal English (magazine subscriptions and media outlets) 

When I decided to start my fashion and beauty blog, I knew I needed to focus and learn more English; (formal English and figure of speech). I went back to batch reading. 

Even though I was picking new vocabulary, I subscribed to VOGUE monthly magazine and read the media’s fashion and lifestyle sections routinely and read blogs on fashion and beauty content.

I submerged my neurons in grammatical and writing work. Every idea I had in either English, French, Creole, or Spanish, I wrote it down on my notes app, and that is when I realized I needed more help and tools to execute great English content for my readers.

I started my blog in the most challenging time, a pandemic, injury, not working. Therefore, I needed tools that could get the job done for free or at a price range affordable. (Those monthly subscriptions do add up, my friend) I am mentioning tools that have worked for me, giving my English proficiency, and writing skills.

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Google translates 

Google search engine has so many purposes and tools; google translate is the google feature I use the most to start my base content. It’s free, super-fast, and I can begin my translation from my phone or laptop.

Word synonym 

After exporting my English base content, my next step is to find word synonyms. First, it helps the fluidity and avoids repetitive text. The second also helps with SEO.  Okay, now my content is explicit and captivating. 

Word definition 

My third step on Google is to check on the definition of the words I used to make sure they fit the context in which I am using them. 

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When I first started writing, I used the accessible version of Grammarly for months, which is a great free feature for beginners. 

Grammarly has helped with my punctuation, straight-to-the-point paragraphs, and mostly my delivery.

This blog is the first one I am writing while using Grammarly premium; I paid the yearly subscription, which is almost 70% less than if you decide to subscribe for the monthly package. 

My premium connects to all my devices; yes, literally, this is worth the money if you want to take your writing skills to the professional level.

Extra tips Unilingual English-speaking friends

Having friends who only communicate in English helps immensely because a supportive friend will correct you when using wrong terms and even make time to read your content before posting. 

If English is the barrier stopping you from starting your blog journey, past those tips and tools I mentioned above, exists a tone more. 

Thank you for reading my blog thus far, I reach my 20th post milestone today, and aside from blogging my passion which is Fashion and Beauty I also get the bonus to improve my English skills. 

Again, it is imperative to research, there are so many other tools, and over time with practice, everything gets better.


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Tips for blogging in English
Article Name
Tips for blogging in English
I decided to start my fashion and beauty blog, I knew I needed to focus and learn more English; (formal English and figure of speech). I went back to batch reading. 

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