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The Department stores I go for gems

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Everyone loves a good deal, right? and it is an additional delight when you come by a gem, an exceptional find at a special price. A deal so good it would be crazy to let it go and not grab your piece and purchase. 

When this occurs, I think you feel lucky for the day, and it boosts your mood; the next move is usually to call your friend and be like, guess what I just got this at such and such place for such and such price. 

For I can remember detecting gems has been my guilty pleasure. I started out going shopping for my outfits in my youngster years with a mission to uncover treasures. I am still the same girl, and in today’s blog, I am sharing where I go when in need of a twinkle of luck. 

I am mentioning the exact location for each department store because that is where I usually go shopping in New York City, nonetheless, you can feel free to go to your local destination for each one mentioned down below. 

Primark (Kings Plaza location) 

You know, all jokes aside, this department store is so great that New Yorkers’ softer side surface, we are friendly and chatty when inside Primark, and it keeps getting better and better. They carry women, men, kids home decor, beauty and so much more. The deals, the varieties, the options presented to you are insane. If you have not stepped to a Primark yet, my dear reader friend you stop what you are doing and go now. 

I have so many gems from the Primark department store, I will mention my latest acquisition which is my olive-green faux leather coat it was a steal, to say the least. Additional tips: they carry extra small to plus size, also new style almost every day. If you are a fashion blogger, stylist, or fashionista this is a great place to purchase your basics and styling kit. 

Macy’s (Herald Square location) 

Aside from being the biggest store in the world, Macy’s delivers big time. I always know “voy a resolver” going to Macy’s Department store. The customer service is so appreciated, someone is always there to help you and you don’t realize you have been shopping and walking for hours. 

One of my favorite gems is my Steve Madden taupe hue pair bootie. An additional tip is always great to apply for the Macys card to benefit even more perks and discounts. 

Burlington (Union Square)

First, they open at 8 am which is great for Burlington because that you can get up early and have your morning shopping done by noon. They also have a variety of options; you just need to have your radar set to screen gems within the racks. 

I have some great finds from Burlington like my bright pink carry on which always has people stopping me for hey nice suitcase where did you get it from. Also, my favorite faux fur green jacket also a public favorite both were a steal. 

Walmart (Green acres mall) 

I get super excited every time we get to drive to Walmart because first you can aside from shopping for clothing or home decor you can have your grocery shopping as well, it is bigger, frenzy and people are just getting everything they gaze upon. It is not for the faint of heart. Customer service is not top tier nonetheless they have inventory on point so what you need is always on display. 

I have so many great pieces from Walmart, sweaters, denim pants, home decor and of course, I load of groceries deals and bundles. A great tip is to get in some comfortable wear and belly full so you can take your time on these Walmart halls. 

P.S a special homage to CENTURY 21, I have such memories and many great wardrobe pieces from there.

I know most of us are already shoppers at these department stores, my question is do you go in the intentions to detect treasures pieces?

Let me know in the comment below what gems have you collected in those departments’ stores. 

Thank you for reading and sharing 


A. J 

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The department stores I go for gems
I know most of us are already shoppers at these department stores, my question is do you go in the intentions to detect treasures pieces?

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