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The dos when moving to a big city (NYC)

The dos when moving to a big city (NYC)Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Someone once said, “finding a good apartment in New York City is as tricky as finding a suitable husband (partner). Having been lucky in the second category, I have been urgently looking for a new place for the last few months.

The place that I am vacating, we only resided for 11 months, and we know it was best to search for a new home because of our mental health and well-being. (Things got crazy).

This post is more focusing on the dos to success on the move in your ideal place. I am hoping you do not make the same mistake we did. 

This is not a guideline; this is a real detective kind of research to avoid renting or buying and regrets your move in the following months. 

The primary task to take into consideration is your budget and location. The Apple city real estate is among the most expensive in the world per square footage to buy or rent houses. Therefore, you going to do your homework and research for that cocoon. 

If you can afford to spend big bucks in your new place or have the means to luxury you have a plethora of choices. But if you are in the category that I am currently in, which is we want an adequate place lower than the market price. Be prepared to think strategically.

Shop the look



List of action

Make a list of your must-haves. For example, the neighborhood, if my building must have an elevator, or I must be less than 10 minutes of walk to my nearest subway. I want one or two bedrooms or a studio etc… This is primordial you know what you want, and you fix a budget.


Web marketplace or contact an agency

Start searching via the web or if you are willing to pay an agent fee you can also reach out to an agency. But the best scenario is to find a realtor agent who has multi options and knows the neighborhood you are eyeing. 


Tour, and apartment hunting

 I know because of Corona a lot has to turn into zoom or virtual tour; I am not discrediting any tools. Unless you particularly know the building or have lived in the neighborhood, I recommend a physical visit. Make appointments and look like many places possible. 


Safety over everything

If you live in a big city like New York City unfortunately crime is real (I mean really serious) and safety is a big aspect to take into consideration. In my case which we don’t have the means yet to move to our ideal place, so the trick is to find the balance.


Alerts and notifications of the riskier neighborhood

Use technology to know what is going on in the neighborhood you are looking for. An app like the citizen app is as important now as Google. It gives all the local and state alerts of accidents, disturbance, and sadly crime, etc… 


The nightlife

Take double precautions and go sneak around the area on weekends to monitor the environment I know you might really sound a bit much but knowing the nightlife of your surroundings is very important if you are looking for quiet and wellbeing. 


The morning rituals

The morning traffic as well is an as important one I look for a bunch of little kids walking to school is a good sign. It means you are in a family-oriented neighborhood kids and it’s safe to walk home from school.


What your goat telling you

Trust your instinct if you have a goat feeling telling you something is not right or even one of your primary obligations is not met, ask your realtor or if he has other options within your price. Finding the desired spot takes time, do not rush into moving until you get the right vibe.

Have you been looking into moving into a bigger or safer place? What did you do to get the perfect place? Did you had to move quickly because of an unexpected incident? Let me know down in the comments.

Thank you for reading you, guys!


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The do’s when moving to a big city (NYC Edition)
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The do’s when moving to a big city (NYC Edition)
This is not a guideline; this is a real detective kind of research to avoid renting or buying and regrets your move in the following months.

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