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The influencer’s stamps

The influencer’s stampsSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

For many years back, way before, I considered and acknowledged to start with my fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. I would mostly buy products, clothes because I was influenced. 

The few influencers I followed have built their notoriety and their subscribers base for years. One of the reasons why we influence so many consumers is because they know a reputable influencer will not approve a product or items they do not attest to or have tried therefore to recommend. 

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Why the consumers trust the influencers? 

Opinion # 1 

We build our brand from the ground up, organically through our creativity and imaginativeness. Most importantly, from our hard-working coins as an investment into our dream. Our base (Followers)has seen and participated in our growth. 

Opinion # 2 

After spending so much time and effort into our craft and accumulating trustworthy acknowledgment of skills within our branch or the industry.  We create a specific connection with our followers, readers, viewers, etc… Which contributes to creating the value of influencing. 

Opinion # 3 

A respectable influencer will engage an ad, partnership, or sponsorship they attest to add values to their brand and maintain their primary objective. My case is to have fun, create great content, seal my vision, and share my passion for the fashion and beauty industry.

Opinion # 4

Yes. There is the monetary aspect of an influential ad, sponsorship, or partnership with a brand. Nonetheless, our priority is maintaining our drive and the love that pushed us to start influence in the first place. 

Opinion # 5

My passion for the Fashion and Beauty industry has driven me to get out of my shell and challenge myself to expand my creativity and will work with brands that value my background, culture, efforts, and my authentic approach. 

Opinion # 6

The authenticity of the influencers sector has had a ripple effect on consumer trust and expanded over the last few years. This is not just theory. This is a proven fact. The influencer’s stamps are today fundamental for direct traffic sales. 

Is it just a trend, or are the influencers here to stay? 

Opinion # 1

Many say that the pandemic reinforces the influencer’s incontestable power in the industry; in my humble opinion, the pandemic only opened everyone’s eye to the crucial labor and essential link we have been. Now we are harvesting. 

Opinion # 2 

We are in 2021. Any brands whose goal is to sell and plan short-medium and long-term strategies to attract more and more consumers have their projection oriented toward the influencers sphere.

Opinion # 3 

The synergy of the influencer’s creative content and the broad opportunity of social media has resulted in an undeniable force of market sale value opening doors for incalculable business ventures and building community services across the world. 

Opinion # 4 

Everything you need to know about an industry business, products, and services; the presence of an influencer sharing great tips, important steps, and ways of helping consumers buy, adapt, or learn. 

Opinion #5 

We run the online market, and we have the beauty and Fashion industry down pack; I am not diminishing anybody’s hustle and career; I again in my opinions and thoughts feel right so soon many catwalks of big brands will add more influencers to their venues and campaigns in the future will. 

Opinion # 6 

We are a force to be reckoned with, and we are here to stay. This is not a trend nor a short-lived contribution.  The beauty and Fashion Industry is driven and resourced growth from the influencers. 

If you are reluctant to start your blog or influence journey. This is the time to create and flourish and have fun while doing so. Create your content and mark your stamps.

Thank you so much if you read this far. Do you enjoy these opinions subject post if yes? let me know if I should post more in the future. 




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