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My source of fashion and beauty inspiration

My source of fashion and beauty inspirationSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Traveling International and local 

On my last big trip, I took it solo around Europe. I took the bus from Petion-Ville to the Dominican Republic from there I flew to Fort Lauderdale, then from the huge Miami airport. I traveled to Paris, Bruges, Brussels, Munich, Barcelona, Oslo.

 I learned so much about myself being surrounded by strangers, my style in clothes, the signification of less is more. How eating right, mental health, being happy is all wrap up to contribute to your appearance. 

I also have snippets of great memories of going to the countryside of Haiti traveling locally with my father and brother to execute a construction project; meanwhile, enjoying the trip, I was always fascinated by the women’s beauty.

I learn how eating organic and have a simple way of life helps keeps your skin young and clear. I am not bragging; I have seen beautiful Haitian women with unique beauty features found nowhere else in movies, tv, internet. 

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New York City lifestyle and hustle 

“If you can make it to New York, you will make it anywhere “is a mentality and way of life. I am based in New York City. Every corner, there is a surprise, an unexpected and pleasant sight.

The skyscrapers, the noise, the smell, the diversity, the food, the subway. It is a unique place, and I love it and am grateful to be a part of its dynamic. 

New York City is the top fashion capital in the world. Every brand, Maison, or institution is present. New York City pedestrians are the real showstopper.

I have seen looks walking down the street that if you do not feel the need to compliments, you are a pure hater just kidding; seriously, people are their authentic selves here, and there is a community for every one of us. 

Window shopping trying out new products 

I am a fierce window shopper; I love going to a department store and ask questions, evaluate the customer service, the display, storefront, the decor, smell, and of course, trying out my favorites.

There is something therapeutic in trying on shoes and smelling new scents; I enjoy the experience of sampling the latest products.

 I used to know every rack, store, and boutique back in Santo Domingo. I created what I call the Z shopping steps in which, from your measurements and taste, I could get you any garments and fast. 

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Magazines Fashion and lifestyle magazine

This goes way back from the Astérix bookstore days in Petion- Ville Haïti. My cousin and I had been allowed funds to share one magazine per month. One month He was getting a “science et vie,” the next, I was getting a cosmopolitan.

The only issue I was fine reading “the science et vie” magazine. I couldn’t say the same for my cousin every time it was my pick.

I am a daydreamer; I pictured myself as a model, tv star, blogger, editor, etc.… these monthly issues were so precious to me, I would savor each page, wish I‘d live in the States so I could receive the monthly gifts. 

Museums Arts and crafts

Museums bring me so many emotions. I get so inspirational in the scenery with art and crafts, and ideas flow. Going to the museum is a solo date I enjoy now and then. I feel like I get fueled up, my creativity gushes out. 

My grandfather on my father’s side Raymond Dieudonee Joseph was a renowned Haitian painter and an artist. My great grandfather Jourdain was one of the first to have a “gallery d’ art” in Port- au- Prince along with “Beauvoir” “Spenas. “

I grew up seeing my grandfather mixing colors, his storytelling before starting any art projects. I know behind any piece of art, antiques reside a story, emotions, and mysticism. 

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Influencers Online and local

Random fashionistas on the sidewalk and a few I have followed for years online. Their evolution inspires me and their glow up.

As I engage myself as an influencer day by day, I understand more of our role in the Fashion and Beauty Industry and the value we are provided, and the impact of our craft. 

Nightlife Social life and meet up  

My father always had a say about dressing up and looking his best. His words, “ if you want to elevate your style and look the part, you need to socialize and see people during nightlife.”

His philosophy is the more you socialize, the more you take care of your appearance. My father is correct, by socializing and meeting people, you learn the trends, what is popular, and everyone else stakes.

Practice makes perfect

I get inspired by my craft. I remember my first photoshoot. My first blog post, my first gems acquisition. Even though I am not where my goals aspire to become, I am super proud of my journey and growth. 

I get now and then recognition that warms my heart and keeps my focus.

I moved to the US in my thirties when most immigrants had to settle and derived from their purpose or dream career. I am not saying it has been an easy transition. Nonetheless, I am immensely blessed and confident I am on the right path. 

Note to self—twelve months from today. I aspire to more happiness, health, comfort, authenticity, consistency in my craft. Inspire another immigrant, a woman.

Thank you so much for reading this far. I want to know what aspire you to as well. Let me know in the comment down below.


A. J 

My source of fashion and beauty inspiration
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My source of fashion and beauty inspiration
I learned so much about myself being surrounded by strangers, my style in clothes, the signification of less is more. How eating right, mental health, being happy is all wrap up to contribute to your appearance. 

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