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The skincare products of my childhood

The skincare products of my childhoodSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

In all fairness, before I write a blog about the beauty products I am currently using, I feel the need to mention the products I grew up to, elaborate an homage and recognition resulting of the cement and base of the healthy complexion Journey I am in today. 

How it all started 

My mother, “Zette”, injected skincare obsession into my genes. She was very knowledgeable on what to use, and my older brother always recalls her savviness every time I would vent about a new product, and I quote,” I wish mother would have been alive to teach you all her beauty secret. “ 

I think whatever she did work because I went through my adolescent stage without acne till this day, only combination skin, and I was fortunate to obtain beauty products of better quality than my peers at school. 

How? Okay, the funny story is my mother’s best friend, the late Miss Ma, was a savvy businesswoman; she sold arts and craft “au Marche au Puces” in Paris, her providers were Haitian artists

My beauty fairy 

Whenever she traveled back to Haiti to resource her arts inventory, she packed her pieces of luggage of French beauty products, some of which I used back when I lived in Houilles, Paris France with my mother. 

Miss Ma always had her way to convince my father to purchase her merchandise; she also had a list of clienteles of bank and government employees to sell her beauty supplies. 

Miss Ma loved my mother, and I was her dearest little girl. She knew I was in a different social atmosphere; Now, going back in my deep thoughts, maybe she made sure I was provided with supplies of value to my mother’s skincare standards. 

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My little routine and organization 

One thing for sure, I did not own pants to my name or earrings, nor lip glosses nonetheless no other kids in my entourage had smoother skin or smelled good as close as yours, truly.

I had a special piece of furniture in my room where I placed my sacred bottles, and for many years, this mini cabinet holds my beauty escape routine.

It was an unwritten rule, and my only non-negotiable terms -no one ever dared to touch my products, not even my lovely grandmother, well she couldn’t be against lotion, soap, and body spray anyway

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The products 

It was maybe 4 to 5 products that made my routine, I know the formula has changed over the years. I sometimes still purchased one or two when they appear on Amazon, on the shop.ltk app or my brother bring me some from Paris. 

Roger Gallet perfumes Soap: 

they came in a rectangular box of 3 soaps or singles with different ingredients. 

The brands carry other products I believe, I have only used the soaps bars and a few colognes.  

Byphasse lait corporel: 

“byphasse is a secret so is its price”. Smart beauty They have evolved so much since. They are deep in the beauty industry; they carry a vast range of products for all skin types related.  

Avene cold cream: 

the formula has changed from 25 years ago. Back then it felt like a hard paste in a metallic tube almost like butter. This face cream really kept my face smooth and glowing during my puberty.

Klorane shower gel:  

I remembered how cool it was to have shower gel; I felt so fresh and rejuvenated after each use; the bottle of gel was enough to last me a couple of months of usage.

Yves Rocher range of products

Yves Rocher was the most delicious product and girly you could get. I am talking about the chubby bottle with the round green cap Yves Rocher. Their shower gel was so unctuous, the body lotion felt like a parfait mousse, and the “eau de toilette” just took you out of space, yes that how good they were. I was obsessed with the coconut and peach scent. 

These products were part of my self-care routine, build my love for skincare and clear skin, and beauty, most importantly now I realize it was part of my mental health as a little girl, whose having smooth skin and smelling great was her defense mechanism.

Do you feel connected to a routine? what products have been part of your upbringings? Let me know down below in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading


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The skincare products of my childhood
Article Name
The skincare products of my childhood
I feel the need to mention the products I grew up to, elaborate an homage and recognition resulting of the cement and base of the healthy complexion Journey I am in today. 

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