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6 ways to reduce expenses as a blogger

6 ways to reduce expenses as a bloggerSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.


1.Shop your closet.

Okay friend, if you are a fashion lover like me, there is a huge chance that you have been collecting pieces of garments hidden in your four walls.

The thing is you do not remember most of them and you think you have nothing to wear. (I am you; you are me).

I am just putting it out there and confessing that as a new blogger your first instinct is to get your hand on every clothes you can grab.

my fellow fashionista, before you swipe that card, give your arsenal an internal look and you will be surprised how many unique and amazing little treasures you owned, and have not worn yet.


2. Art how to multi-style one garment.


3. Embrace neutral color clothes.



4. Invest in basics before luxuries.

The basics are the essentials pieces you should have in your wardrobe, a good white shirt, pair of black pants, go-to blazers, bodysuits, etc.

Combine your personality and personal style you will result to look so polished and expensive with quality pieces at a minimum cost. 


5. Locate the thrift stores. 

I adore thrifting, affordable selective one-of-a-kind pieces, awesome deals at a great value.

I have perfected my “radar” skills over the years and collect many vintage gems, more importantly, many have online shopping options and accept payment plans, which is the 6th tip today.

My Favorites affordable heels for the season


6. Buy now pay later

Sending my blessings and kisses to those who created this invention of allowing retailers to offer installments plan for shoppers, I mean you can get anything you want in 4 payments due every 2 weeks.

I personally love AFTERPAY, KLARNA, SEZZLE just to name a few, I use AFTERPAY for EVERYTHING, it helps me organize my budget and feel safe when purchasing items in the 3 figures. My fellow fashionistas If you did not already have those apps, I am not judging you…but I am.

If you learned anything from this post, do not forget to share it with your friends and comment down below.

Thank you so much for reading. 


A. J  

6 ways to reduce expenses as a blogger
Article Name
6 ways to reduce expenses as a blogger
The fact there are a lot of expenses and sacrifices to be considered as to move forward in my platform therefore, knowing how and when to spend is especially important for my progress, and today I will share 6 easy ways to help reduce some expenses as a new blogger.

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