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Fashion and community

Fashion and communitySome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Is your attire part of a community? Do you recognize having a fashion community where you feel included?

Worn stories Netflix episode 1

Clothing nor the lack thereof can bring people together, whether they are celebrating a life, shining on the dance floor or woodworking in the nude.


The first episode of the new Netflix series “worn stories”, portrays how the inclusivity in fashion has enlarged positively, it is fortifying to observe every style, and choices are being honored.  Interesting how personal fashion style can uncover your real take on a garment story and from that create communities.


Overjoyed to witness through my screen, parallel tale such as my current journey and belief, of being true to self, expressing your image as such are all the things moving gap and opening doors in the industry.

My life story has paired with some have never met, the connection embarks in comfort and transparency.

Their anecdote was refreshing to view. The truthfulness of each retelling their stories and the why they result to those choices and their fashion aspect inspired me to spread my voice even more.


Paused the screen and wipes some tears, while the narrator or producer asked what type of community you belong to?

I answered orally, I belong to the black, the immigrant, the blogger, the influencer community, the one where you follow your dreams so hard no matter what society, family, or life circumstances throw at your community.

Fashion and beauty have continuously been my shield. Among good, great, and worst days, my looks have pulled through and fashioned my vehicle to advance and win.


-The nudist of cypress cove.

Ms. Pak the Korean lady with her yellow sweater.

Tren Ness the granddaughter of Silvia Woods with her Byron Lars dress.

All three-character mentioned above revealed their life experiences resonated of the choices of clothes and add meaning to the decision to wear such pieces.


-Dare to dream and be comfortable in your taste of garments.

-Make a story of each outfit.

-Prevail with your turn around head look being an outcast or different.

 -Create connection in our present time.

– Embrace yourself. 

Worn Stories Netflix Episode 1

Having a community make you feel connected, community is a place where you feel you belong.



Visualizing the amount of content and creatives of the Black, POC, LGBTQ community in the fashion and beauty industry, have centered my objective around my own goals and contributions for the future.

 I desire to elevate a community especially for immigrants and women around the world. Whom aim has suffered because of change and conditions. My target is anyone who had to withhold their creativity and style. “Changing the narrative with style” step by step.


1 – Be confident with your body type (My case, tall and thick). Know your size and measurements in dress, pants, jacket, blazer, coat, bodysuit, shoes, undergarments, etc.
2- Make a list of 3 to 5 favorite stores or brand retail or online. (I recommend a store that caters to all the pieces mentioned above.
3- Decide on your outfit. Do you want to wear a dress or two pieces, a jumpsuit, etc.
4- Determine1 to 3 shades (color block, pattern, or prints). 
5 – have a mini-Fashion board on your phone or tablet with the desired outfit inspiration.


Thank you so much for your read, leave me a comment if you have any questions or recommendations.
A. J
The brand or store mentioned above is not a paid ad.
The suggestions mentioned above are solely my opinions.

Fashion and commmunity
Article Name
Fashion and commmunity
I desire to elevate a community especially for immigrants and women around the world. Whom aim has suffered because of change and conditions. My target is anyone who had to withhold their creativity and style. “Changing the narrative with style” step by step.

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