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How to assemble your collections

How to assemble your collectionsSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

A Collection is built over time and patience intentionally with pieces that resonate with your taste and are that accumulating value over time. The pieces also might have some personal affiliation. 

In my case, I collect for both reasons; pieces that contain a value or bring out memories and for personal attachment. Unfortunately, over the years I have moved so many times that many of my dearest collections have been dispersed. 

I recommend before collecting to first have a stable place or closet for your collection. If you do not have either mention above, you could Start by boxing in which you can conserve your items. 

Collection equals preservations. If your collection is deteriorating and scattering the pieces will not sustain and your will basically need to start over, and rebuy, believe me, I regret deeply not taking good care of my pieces, some of which are discontinued.

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Starting a collection in Fashion is multifaceted. You could decide on collecting new luxury, Vintage pieces, celebrity worn, unique finds, or maybe family heirloom either category you choose, the preservation and knowing each piece in the way to start. 

The Accessories are the most common in the Fashion collection, you might like to collect bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. For either item you choose to start the second important step is knowing when the time is right or which trend or brand will stand the test of time.

Another tip important when collecting to mention is to know your materials and the nature of the items. We all know gold never goes out of style, as well as stones, silk, and leather. Therefore, invest in pieces which composition is valuable.

More points. if you come across a great find do not hesitate to buy. I missed out on great vintage pieces last year. I was debating investing in a Chanel purse, and now I missed out on great investment not giving the plunge, all the prices have quadrupled literally. 

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Of course, the crucial tool is the radar “eye” to detect unique and valuable gems is a must-check. Second, knowing when the right time is to invest. I also have done some research and in the fashion industry when the economy is bad the market of luxury goods goes up, way up. 

Other information to know brands who’s a smart investment. Their prices only increase, and they are well never in the sale, which is the case for Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. Does your research, know what is considered valuable and why? 

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These renowned Luxury House brands are always valuable either you are collecting in Vintage or purchasing new items. The bags of Hermes and Chanel are smart investments as well Louis Vuitton jewelry as well. 

There are many ways to finds Vintage pieces either online (FASHIONPHILE, Thred Up, The Real Real), or in a local vintage store like Goodwill, New York Vintage Inc, L train Vintage just to name a few. The more you are investing and looking the more you will locate the treasure stores. 

Are you starting your collection today, or have been doing so for years? Which do you collect and why? Let me know all the tips and gems down in the comments. 

Thank you so much for reading and cheers to the gems we will pass on to our future daughters and sons. 


A. J 

How to assemble your collection
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How to assemble your collection
A Collection is built over time and patience intentionally with pieces that resonate with your taste and are that accumulating value over time

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