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Restaurants option for a celebration

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Going out for a “ tete a tete” had always been one of my top favorite pass times, so when it includes food and dining, trying out new cuisine is a bonus for me. 

New York City is the top culinary experience place in the world when it comes to cuisine diversity, you can literally have a taste of the world’s best table just by several stops commuting with the subway. 

Exploring new restaurants and customer service goes hand to hand so let us put these outfits to use and I am detailing five restaurants I discovered, and you might love to try them out on your next date. 

Born Thai (Flatbush Brooklyn) 

This restaurant is very sentimental to my family this is where my husband and I had our first date. It is a small and cozy restaurant; the staff is very friendly, and you can have delicious cocktails to match your food. 

I recommend their crispy calamari as an appetizer or chive dumplings I am pretty sure every other one listed is delicious (I just like to stick to the one I had on my first date) All their salads are a great choice and of course the noodles and fried rice are yummy.

Brooklyn winery (Williamsburg Brooklyn) 

The establishment is very Romanesque, the place is enormous with the back looking perfect as a venue. The staff is very friendly, and they are willing to explain the provenance of each Cuvee. The bottle of wine is house-made, and you can buy to go or stay in.

This restaurant is the ideal place for Valentine’s Day, brunch or you just want wine tasting, which they have a great variety to choose from. 

The tapas are delicious, I recommend the cheese and the meat boards also they change the menu often, so you won’t have the same culinary experience every occasion. 

L’ artusi (West Village Manhattan) 

This restaurant is one of the most popular tables in the city. They serve succulent Italian pasta and delicious entremet. The space feels very cozy and chic. They have outdoor and indoor tables; the staff is very experienced and friendly. 

This is a great choice if you are looking for a perfect bite of pasta. The Crudo and Verdura are seasonal. The pasta is also seasonal except for the bucatini which is a must-have. 

Okinii (Greenwich Village Manhattan) 

This is one of NYC’s top-secret eat; I came upon its years ago while doing my long walk in the city days moment, and I am super happy my goat feeling told me to open the door. The staff is super friendly. They are a lot of variety of delicious sushi lunch boxes. 

This is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in the city, (well one of my favorite) I usually go there by myself. The menu is so vast, I just recommend trying everything basically 

Thaism (Boerum Hill Brooklyn) 

Yes, by now you can tell, I love all food and tables and I’m happy the city regorge so many different cuisine restaurants. Thaism customer service is excellent. Their portion is generous so if you are ordering you might want to skip appetizers or not right. 

The crispy duck is a delicacy and I now want to go to Thailand just to have some more authentic crispy duck. Their mango Iced tea will help get down to each luscious bite. 

P.S I am not being sponsored and this is not an ad by these restaurants mentioned above, nor do they aware of this article before publishing. This is just me passing down some good New York City spot to have a great time with loved ones and friends year-round. 

Have you tried any one of the restaurants cited above or do you have other suggestions you think I should give a try being a foodie? 

Let me know down in the comments and thank you so much for reading and sharing! 


A. J 


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