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Casual vs formal wear

Casual vs formal wearSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

I feel like we all the same common questions about our wardrobe at this point.

Questions ?

Have you confined all your formal wear looks? What is your go-to comfy chic outfit and routine since the pandemic?

Is Fashion back ?

Walking through the city now, it is a pleasant, rare sighting to witness a head-to-toe slay look, more and more people have adopted casual wear.

Shop the look

The reasons we adopted casual wear

One, most of the formal wear event have not been open yet

Second, the quarantine has opened our views on the value of conformity.

Third, being natural self as become the trend, Makeup is less vibrant, neutral colors are the trends.

Fourth, we value One piece of cloths that we can tell a story and relate to our life choices in clothes.

Fashion post quarantine

The pandemic has changed our habits in so many ways, the exception, of course, we keep swiping our plastics shopping clothes and beauty products until we drop.

The difference is that we convert formal for casual, we buy for the leisure of our long zoom gatherings and run to the grocery needs.

Yes, we all agree, the times have changed. A lot of great black-tie outfits have not seen the light of the day and are confined somewhere in our closet. (In full blown discussions when this situation will resolve).

Changes in our fashion habits

The videos of shoes or bag animation are so in now on social media because we all are imagining what would those pieces say if they could speak their mind.

Okay back to my point is nontraditional outings are becoming more important? and are we forgetting in purpose that olive oil so we can slay another run to the grocery look?

Favorites casual wear through the pandemic

Sweatpants and joggers


Favorite’s pieces of resistance

Headwraps and bucket hats

Let us keep it real, I do not know how to do hair, I honestly develop a real connection and hair routine with my natural 4C hair during the pandemic (there is a positive side in any situation right?).

I learned how to take care of my hair, protective style. One of my favorite accessories are headwraps and hair accessories.

Z Shopping steps

1 – Be confident with your body type (My case, tall and thick). Know your size and measurements in dress, pants, jacket, blazer, coat, bodysuit, shoes, undergarments, etc.
2- Make a list of 3 to 5 favorite stores or brands retail or online. (I recommend a store that caters to all the pieces mentioned above.
3- Decide on your outfit. Do you want to wear a dress or two pieces, a jumpsuit, etc?
4- Determine1 to 3 shades (color block, pattern, or prints). 
5 – have a mini-Fashion board on your phone or tablet with the desired outfit inspiration.

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear your feedback, feel at ease to comment down below.


A. J
The brand or store mentioned above is not a paid ad.
The suggestions mentioned above are solely my opinions.

Casual vs formal wear
Article Name
Casual vs formal wear
Yes, we all agree, the times have changed. A lot of great black-tie outfits have not seen the light of the day and are confined somewhere in our closet. (In full-blown discussions when this situation will resolve).

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