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Holidays dresses option (daytime edition)

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I was on the phone with my friend, and we were discussing how staying at home on a Friday night with a glass of wine and good Netflix binging shows as the program sounds as much fun as going to a club or standing in line in the hope of entering an event. 

I call this new practice the pandemic post syndrome effect or being naturally in your thirties and up. Yes, much research has shown more people are opting for the comfort of their home on weekends and as for myself I do not have the same energy I used to party in my twenties. 

Or maybe I just save up all my vigor for the holiday’s festivities, because between planning with my family and friends I am booked and busy for the end of the year, and now my next worry is how I am going to slay and look my best for all those outings. 

I have so many fun and styling ideas; I thought it would have been great to share the outfits I have planned and the occasion for each of the looks ideal for wearing them. 

Leather dress 

This number is the dress you wear to go shopping for your other holiday’s dresses. It is just me or one feels more at ease and luckier to find gems pieces outfits when you look great while shopping. I call it the attraction of great styling.


Denim dress 

This is the dress you wear to meet up with your best friends whose plan for the holiday is in Morocco. Therefore, you guys are catching up over hot chocolate, scrambled egg, and avocado toast at your favorite breakfast/lunch pub before her three weeks departure. 

Sweater dress 

One of my favorite daytime outings resumes visiting an event or presentation at a museum. I plan to attend many great shows for the holidays, and I want to feel plush and chic. 

Flounce hem dress 

Many of the best eats in the city are always fully booked for nighttime dinner so why not plan a romantic daytime lunch at your desired gourmet kitchen and look feminine and effortlessly chic while sipping cocktails before 4 pm with your loved one. 

Midi dress 

Women empowerment is an enormous cause to support, and I always like to finish the year with a networking event where I meet up with like-minded influencers, creators, and entrepreneurs who are willing to heighten the vibe and start off the new year with refreshing ideas and goals. The exact dress for the circumstances of the midi dress, minimum make-up, and Accessories. 

Have your perspectives of fun outings has changed, evolve or do you still go out as you did 10 years prior? 

What is your go-to dress for a daytime chill or event? 

I would love to hear all of it down in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing! 


A. J 

Article Name
Dresses options for the holidays (daytime edition)
I thought it would have been great to share the outfits I have planned and the occasion for each of the looks ideal for wearing them. 

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