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Back to minisSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

I have always doted on the concept of not being what people expect me to be. Growing up in a Caribbean environment, most of the time, you are placed in a mold. You are supposed to dress this, look that, very judgmental and self-observed society.

Once I was in a “fancy” hair salon in Petionville. –I was in a good stable stage of my then professional career, negotiating thousands if not millions of dollars business deals, grateful for the opportunity to work in my father construction company, university graduated– Meanwhile the lady in charge approached me regarding my mini skirt minds you, I am a grown-up woman. They called me (Kaleko), meaning street in Haitian Creole.

Dumbo Brooklyn, New York City

I always had such inspiration to people who express themselves, and dress, accordingly, believe me when I say it is a blessing to be alive and based in NYC, where embrace uniqueness and creativity. I enjoyed a good mini -skirt, dress, short- you name it, took me several years to accept my shape and realizing I have a dope natural body figure.

Honestly, in my deeps thoughts, while writing this blog, guys, I resume my confidence of rocking minis comes from my shelled childhood and teens years. And guess what? If you are a fan like me, the ’70s are back.

The reason why the 70 maintains its impact till this day of age in the Fashion Industry is the freedom of being and wearing outfits that stands for a cause or personal style belief.

Steve Madden Joan Bone booties
PrimarkUSA Denim Dress


Have you used the Z shopping steps? If you are new here. They are mentioned below.


1 – Be confident with your body type (My case, tall and thick). Know your size and measurements in dress, pants, jacket, blazer, coat, bodysuit, shoes, undergarments, etc.
2- Make a list of 3 to 5 favorite stores or brands retail or online. (I recommend a store that caters to all the pieces mentioned above.
3- Decide on your outfit. Do you want to wear a dress or two pieces, a jumpsuit, etc.
4- Determine1 to 3 shades (color block, pattern, or prints).
5 – have a mini-Fashion board on your phone or tablet with the desired outfit inspiration.


Number one: Forever 21 comes full circle. They have an excellent selection of sportswear and casual denim: Competitive price and variety of style to choose from.
Number two: Zara delivers quality, have a multitude of editorial denim style from jeans to miniskirts to mix and match with blazers, shirts.
Number three: Primark, do not sleep on Primark fashion.
1- they are a sustainable brand; therefore, they care about our planet.
2- they keep up with the trends.
3 –they are super affordable. From denim dresses to jackets, they do not disappoint


Thank you so much for reading. I would love to hear from you so do not be afraid to reach out.



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