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Holiday dresses ideas perfect for the holidays

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What a beautiful time of the year is the Holiday season; I have kept so many folklore influences from my childhood. I have been accustomed to walking my favorite neighborhood and ingesting all the good spirit and vibe of it all. It is a tradition incorporated from my childhood. 

La fin de l’ Annee“ represents a great deal in Haitian custom. I have precious memories of my childhood during the holidays back on the island; my grandmother or aunt would buy me a new outfit (preferably a dress), new shoes, and a pair of socks.

Next, my father would come to pick me up and my cousin all dressed up, well perfumed in Haitian saying “Fre kou kola kenz” to visit some new places, a natural park, chic neighborhood, a gallery, fortress, and the final stop was a dinner at our favorite pizzeria restaurant. 

These days, I prevalently keep the same spirit festivities with my little family of two and friends. I have marked down in my calendar new places, monuments, restaurants, and parks I plan to visit or rediscover for the holidays. 

Now that I get to dress and experiment with my own Fashion Style, I like to have options for all activities ahead of the holidays. I have retained a few dresses I believe would look great for any figure and perfect for the occasion. 

The simple classic dress 

The adage less is more” goes perfectly in accordance here, also given my style in dress choices I prefer a simple garment with a solid warm color and texture, and I bring the pazazz with the accessories and hair and makeup. 

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The hues aligned theme dress 

You can’t go wrong with a coordinated hue theme dress code, for the holidays a choice of green or red hue with a splash of white in a fun way to tribute for the festivities. There are many ways you can approach this dress alternative Either combining the colors, colors block styling, or even prints. 

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The sparkly dress 

One life to live, right? So why not make the best of our look with a shiny and fun appeal. There is a lot of hues to choose from. Either golden, bronze, black, or Rosen. You can easily look overboard with the styling therefore the Accessories and makeup are to a minimum. 

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The fun party dress

What are the holidays without a party dress, that held to its name either a fitted, bodycon or long gown your party dress is the center of attention? You can have your moment either by choosing the perfect canvas texture, color, or how the robe is fitting your figure. 

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The little black dress 

Since Fashion historians ascribe the origins of the little black dress to the 1920s designs of Coco Chanel, we the fashionistas have followed the tradition of incorporating the black dress as an indispensable for parties. 

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Let me know down in the comment which dress option goes the most with your holiday plan. 

Happy Holidays, Happy Thanksgiving, and blessings upon you dear readers. 

Thank you always for reading and sharing!


A. J

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Holiday dresses ideas perfect for the holidays
Now that I get to dress and experiment with my own Fashion Style, I like to have options for all activities ahead of the holidays

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