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Reclaiming my energetic body

Reclaiming my energetic bodySome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

I have taken into action to incorporate more PROS in my daily routine since the past 5 weeks before this post.


 I am setting forth most of my habits when it comes to eatsleep and exercise. I am categorizing them into two sections, CONS and PROS. The reason why? Since I aim to reconquer my energic shape back pre COVID 19, and by detailing them from my perspective of CONS and PROS it must help me to underline the ones I need to keep, avoid, and some new practice I need to incorporate. 

Over the years, I comprehended my physique and what worked for me, when it comes to my consumptionwork out and beauty sleep. During the first harsh months of incertitude of the confinement, the stress took over and I resorted to dodging my regimen.

I am reprogramming gradually myself on what I know benefits my figure, and my vitality. It has not been easy for me -I guess the unfavorable behaviors have outweighed my infatuation to resume my normal routine- As I revealed in a past blog about my weight, –I gained almost 40 pounds– I have never been a skinny girl ever, always been thick, curvy silhouette, consequently, my priority is not mainly to focus on weight loss it is rather to regain my body power.

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Down below I am sharing some of the cons I acted on while the pandemic started, and pros I knew benefited my body over the years. These are my personal experiences. My habits for those 3 topics are only based on my personal lifestyle.  



Junk food

I was ordering pizza, pasta, fried food, daily, 5 to 6 days a week. All those ingestions slowed my energy down. This goes to the avoid block, only cheating twice or a maximum of 3 times a month and with moderation.

Late night snack

On top of the fast food, I was consuming late past bedtime, yes, to avoid.

Big portion

When I like a certain food, I tend to eat a big portion. (That big slice of pie won’t hurt right). I was not counting the calories intake.

Fast absorption

The pace I eat is harder because I naturally ingest quickly, I could put on a movie or TV series and by 15 minutes, I was done with my plate. This one goes to incorporate slower eating manners to help with digestion.


Vegetable’s lover

I am Caribbean; I grew up eating “legim” and drinking natural fruit juices. I enjoyed broccoli and Haitian mango -which are the best in my opinion- I need to incorporate various vegetables to maintain a balanced diet.

Not a fan of sugar or sodas

During my childhood I was handed a “kola” – the Haitian soda- maybe once a month, chocolate bars were not common, and by the time I could afford the sugary treats, I outgrew them.

Hydration focus

I drink a lot of water, naturally, I keep marks to absorb at least 6 to 8 glasses daily.

Cooking skills

Some say I am a chef. I incorporate more cooking less take-out.

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Lack of sleep

I lost track of time with the nonstop unhealthy consumption of news and social media, I was scotch to my tv and phone screen.


I elaborate on every imaginable possible scenario of outcome regarding the pandemic. It really consumes my “neurons“, and I could not sleep at peace.

Not Productive

The pandemic has slowed us down, plans have changed. All the rich ideas were laid to rest, around the clock with nothing to do.

Unbalanced hours

One day I would oversleep the next I would not sleep enough.


Night Skincare routine

I undertake a nightly routine, the indicated allows me to rob out all the stress of the day and relax.

Relax my mind and body

Reading and writing are very therapeutic to me, I calm myself by scanning a chapter or just relating my day on my phone notes app.

Natural bedtime and schedules

When productive my sleeping time is between 10 pm at the latest till 4h30 am to 5h00 am.

Beauty sleep

In normal circumstances, I have a good sleep. When I do close my eyelids, I usually wake up until the trumpets of the mornings.

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Boredom of daily gym routine

I get disinterested in a repetitious exercise program. I swerved many memberships and only can partake if there was a companion as a motivator.

Not moltivated enough

As soon as I am starting to feel lighter, I do not have enough adrenaline to keep going and drop the routine.

Fear of pain

The infamous slogan” pain is gain ” is not my cup of tea in physical activities. Okay, I said it I am a coward for pain.

Lack of movement

Quarantine, I was barely moving, basically scotch to the bed or sofa.


Power walker

I literally can walk for hours, from Brooklyn to Manhattan back and forth.

Squats and climbing stairs

Every exercise involving my lower body and moving my legs, I am up for it.

Love to dance

I enjoy dancing, always in the mood to shake what my mother gave me. and considering enrolling in hip hop dance class.

Outdoor Person

I love the outdoors this is the main reason I was so down during covid harsh time. I love going places, traveling, and experiencing.

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That is pretty much all for now, are you guys liking these personal blogging posts, I feel it is a nice time to really connect with you all and let you know a little bit of what has been going on in my life.

Do you know, your penchant and your body as well, when it comes to eat, sleep, and exercises, have the pandemic change your routine, pre covid, or have been consistent through it all?

If you learned anything from this post, do not forget to share it with your friends and comment down below.

Thank you so much for reading. 


A. J  

reclaiming my energetic body
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reclaiming my energetic body
I have never been a skinny girl ever, always been thick, curvy silhouette, consequently, my priority is not mainly to focus on weight loss it is rather to regain my body power.

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