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How I pick the proper clothes

How I pick the proper clothesSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, okay, sure. One friend I know is accessible and undeniable is one adequate piece of cloth; when you know how to pick the proper clothing garment that fits you like a glove, makes you feel at ease and chic, confidence rises, and you have a symbiotic relationship with your look. 

I have a curvy shape. When God lined us up to bless our figure, I went twice in line. I have a large poitrine and ample derriere.  Giving also that I am tall, 5’8”, and have long legs, there are many points to consider when picking the right outfit.  

The fabric is essential in choosing the look as well as the print or tailoring. I do not want to be cutting people’s by declaring this is in or out. Essentially, when it comes to the pick, I only want to specify if you feel comfortable; this is your outfit. 

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The tissue is touching your skin, so the softer and breathable the material the better. I mostly decide the quality of the cloth by the following; creases, rags, see-through or delicate.

Preference Fabric for clothing 

A-line dresses are made from cotton, rayon, polyester, and denim. 

Print / color 

The print reflects your personality; there are a variety of styles and hues. I remember back in the days they had some questionable print for plus size or curvy figures; the days to blend in the shadow are over. 

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Preference Print for clothing 

Either you are mixing or wearing your print separately, just be you and choose from what appeal to your taste and personality. Either floral, graphic, polka dots, abstract, animal prints, etc… Just what you feel and look comfortable in. 

Tailoring in clothing

In my opinion, the first step of tailoring is knowing your correct measurement. Second your length of comfort, and third your body mobility. It is recommended to locate an experienced tailor in your surroundings. 

Preference in tailoring garments

The more your tailor knows about different styles and dressmaking the better. I usually take samples of fabric. I make sure to show my fabric choices to my tailor so that he or she can give me his or her opinion on the desired model.

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Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments below if you have taken some tips on choosing your following garments. 

Do you guys want me to share more tips regarding curvy and tall silhouettes? 


A. J 

How I pick the proper clothes
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How I pick the proper clothes
They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, okay, sure. One friend I know is accessible and undeniable is one adequate piece of cloth

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