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Personal style part 2

Personal style part 2Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.
Simple and chic

Over the years my style has evolved, of course, nonetheless, I carry the blueprint of the impact of each of those locations I lived. I have discovered beauty and fashion in Haiti, FranceDominican Republic, and the United States. These multifaceted cultures have given me vulnerability and an unbiased approach to my craze.

My approach in fashion is cultured, confident, body-positive, open to new concepts and trends, community-oriented, comfortable, and chic. Honestly, I did not start like this (still a work in progress), it took me years to overcome some of my biggest insecurities, and to even start this blog.

Bardot Dress, strappy sandals, and tote

It took me a lot to realize all my differences were my strength, and contributors to my unique and approachable style. I am simply happy where I come from and what the future has in store for me. (literally).

The evolution

O – 6 years old

In general, within this age gap, your wardrobe consists of the causal sequence of one’s parents’ taste. My mother Zette dressed me (of course), she spoiled me a lot, I was her travel body, and she took every occasion to dress me up as her little princess.

I have vague memories of our shopping sprees nonetheless her elegance and taste had given my radar “Z Eye “plus the blueprint for my perspective on fashion and beauty.  

Most worn pieces

7-11 years old

I went from getting the cutest dresses and girly attires, to lesser glitz and bare minimum when it comes to clothing, a drastic change, from my infant years.

I had no pants, no jeans, no tanks tops, not allowed to wear lip gloss nor earrings. I could only wear a skirt to my knees and “church dresses” my only accessories consisted of a hair ties holder, ( boul gogo) and hair ribbons.

Most worn pieces

12- 15 years old

Oh my God, did I overcompensated for the days of privation? – yes most definitely – I was dressing way too grown up and bold for my teenage years. Every garment I knew would have been banned in my previous household was my first choice of predicament.

Nobody could tell me anything. I owned several pairs of heels; my lip-gloss was popping; my hair was permed and I started my obsession with collecting statement earrings.

Most worn pieces

16- 19 years old

15 to 20 years ago, the Fashion industry was far from the body inclusivity knowledge of today’s; having more “Poitrine” and “Derriere” at 18 than your peers, the jeans will not fit you right nor the tops.

I resulted in my creativity and started to purchase clothes that look good for my body type -not the trendy pieces, nor the ones my friends were getting- instead, I bought what I felt comfortable in, and surprisingly I was getting notice and complimented upon my craft and style.

Most worn pieces

20- 24 years old

I believe this around time is by far my most “girly” and “preppy” version of my evolution. The period I started to improve my skills and have constructed looks from head to toe. My earrings collection grew exponentially, my hair was blow-dried to the Gods, my acrylics were square and French, obsess with headbands, my eyeshadow matches my outfits. You could smell me from a mile away, and only wore cleavage tops and skinny jeans and leggings.

The online shopping experience was not accessible to me yet, so I became a serial window shopper, I tracked and knew certain stores from racks to racks, and started with Z steps to shop, my friends would contact me for tips on where to find such and such outfits. I was getting some recognition and it was the happiest time of my life.

Most worn pieces

25- 29 years old

My late twenties were a liberating mental time; it was the debut of I do not give flying butterflies; I was figuring myself, cutting toxic ties, and drinking my water. I understood that life is what you make of it, not of others’ opinions, because at the of the day, one is going what one, please. The vibe reflected as if I like it; I get it and wear it. 

My quarrel with my entourage made me risk my fashion evolution even more. Haitian society is significantly judgmental mainly when you grew up in a cocoon. Everyone knows everybody, and they critic even on your nails polish color. I think I am a rebel. Especially when it comes to my looks. I disregard being put in a box. My main concern with style is comfort; If my outfit is comfortable chic, it is all I need. I wore many minis, leggings, make-up when I feel it, hair extensions, nails the shape and length I desired. 

Most worn pieces

30-34 years old

What a timeline right! And I enjoyed going back remembering what I used to wear; it was fun. It all makes sense now; I mean, my fashion evolution has changed so many times to develop my take of what it is today, which is comfortable, cultured, body-positive, and chic pieces. As I mentioned many times before, fashion has been my shield for years; I know I have a long way to go, and all I know is I am ready to be my authentic self, work in progress, and have fun turning heads outfits.

Thinking it through, I am considering my fashion journey has relationship connections; some are bad, good, worst, or best. We move on and do not repeat the mistakes ( some of hahaha), and we upgrade. My holy grail pieces are shoes ( strappy stiletto sandals ), Accessories ( statement earrings and rings), and small bags ( totes and shoulder bag), and I live for  a short dress ( T-shirt, Bardot, blazer dress, etc.)

Most worn pieces

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Thank you so much if you have reached this far. What is your childhood to adulthood fashion evolution? Feel free to comment down below.


A. J

Personal style part 2
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Personal style part 2
In good order to recount my style evolution, I need to slide down memory lane with the periodic age group

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