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5 tips for a productive photoshoot

5 tips for a productive photoshootSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Some bloggers take their own photos (which is great), others have family or friends help with photo shoot (even better), this post is mostly for the bloggers who like me are willing to invest for a professional portfolio to create their post content.

Down below I will go in depths with 5 tips how on to have a productive photoshoot.

Tips 1

Book the correct Photographer.

The pool of photographers to choose from is immense, especially in the apple city, therefore make sure you are booking the appropriate one to results of the pictures desired.

Do your research

  • Have a list of 3 to 5 photographers that work within your niche. (In my case fashion and beauty)
  • Reach out to assure they are available within your area (Photographers travel a lot even if they based in NYC, they might be miles away working another photoshoot)
  • Choose the one that answers you precisely about their location, price point, and availability.

Tips 2

Set your date and time

Now you have chosen the correct photographer for your set, pick a daytime you are free of work or any other obligations prior to the hour set of the photoshoot.

Diminish your risks

  • Google the weather channel to assure there will be no rain or storm on the day chosen for your photoshoot.
  • Pick the best hours. (For my photoshoot, I love sunlight for clear and clean pictures therefore the best hours are between 11 am to 1 pm or 3 pm to 5 pm).

Tips 3

Pick a location with multiple scenery

Your location is especially important because you are going to shoot for 1- or 2-hours changing outfits you need to think about the background and entourage.

Know the surrounding

Have a knowledge of the “lieu”. (For the outdoor photoshoot, I prefer to pick a location where public or an establishment bathroom is accessible to change outfits)


Tips 4

Prepare your outfits in advance

After checking all the 3 tips mentioned above the next step is the to coordinate the looks of the photoshoot. A normal set has between 3 to 5 outfits change. (I suggest to book, set time, and pick location at least a week prior of the shoot day).

Prepare from head to toe

  • Pick a versatile hairstyle.
  • Enumerate your look from the first to the last one for the photo shoot.
  • Get an extra outfit in case of emergency.
  • Have a neutral makeup look.

Tips 5

Focus on the photo shoot day

Finally, the day of the photo shoot has come, you plan everything to the “T”, a little distraction could mess up all this preparation and money.

Bring positivity to set

  • Respect the professional setting, be on time, thank the photographer for their presence.
  • Avoid unnecessary calls or texts (Remember you have an hour set; you need to focus on captivating the best pictures possible within your time range)
  • Smile and listen to the photographer’s directions.

There you go dear readers, 5 tips for a productive shooting set, let me know if you learn something new, please share and comment down below, And to great photoshoot in the city.


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5 tips for a productive photoshoot
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5 tips for a productive photoshoot
One of the perks of living in New York City, we are literally living in a photoshoot set scenery, so many great locations and inspirations to pick from, even more reason to prepare and plan correctly for your photoshoot to be successful

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