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The beauty products I used all summer

The beauty products I used all summerSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

My skincare routine is uncomplicated and efficient, I would presume. My dedication to self-care since my childhood, and additional information about my mother’s skincare legacy knowledge, worked. 

My skin is clear, acne-free. People are often surprised when I mentioned my age or realized I have no makeup on (it may sound like bragging. Honestly, I have a baby face). 

I like to try new products now and then; nonetheless, I want an excellent, consistent skincare routine that works for my skin type. 

I have combination skin. I need a product that can provide hydration and keep moisture all day and night. 

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In my opinion, your skin is the first outfit, especially when in your thirties you need products that are consistent and diminish the sign of age and visible sign of stress.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 

I kind of regret not using this microfoliant product way before summer ( I have known of the dermalogica brand and was reluctant to try it ). I was missing out. The product leaves my skin so smooth and clean. 

They have the mini version bottle which is my favorite size. It contains enough products for almost three weeks of usage. I recommend washing your face with bar soap and then massage the paste and rinse. Thank me later. 

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Biossance squalane + BHA pore minimizing toner

I called this toner “the magic juice”, and it is a double-action product with the right ingredients to have your skin’s appearance to the next level. I often use it as a boost when I need a refresh and as the base my facial routine

This is the only product I have used from the brand, and I am considering their rose oil. And if it is as good as the toner, I will stick by it for months and years to come.  

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Supergoop play everyday lotion SPF 50 

If you are not using SPF, you are not protecting your skin. Not doing so leaves the door open for toxins, aged skin, and wrinkles. 

I use SPF on my face, arms, and legs; every day, this is one step I do not forget or neglect. The consistency has paid off; my skin is youthful, glowing, and hydrated. 

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Caudalie Eau De Beaute 

Whenever I need a refresh, I spray this “Eau,” soothing feel water; it does wonders, twice a day. Cool down my skin from the heat and leaves my face with a glowing complexion.

I also like the mini bottle size, which fits perfectly into my small everyday bag. My daily routine consists of toner+ SPH + spray water beauty. Easy, simple, fast skincare routine. 

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Dr. Dennis Daily peel 

I use this product once a week; the peel deep cleans the face and neck to rejuvenate the texture of my skin. I started using the orange five application box and now moved to the red one, which is the strongest one. 

I would begin with the orange box one; My skin has had a perfect reaction to the peel; I do not even feel the chemical reaction. Nonetheless, this is still a chemical procedure when applying; avoid other products, wash face with bar soap, use peel and after tap some toner and SPF and let your face rest for the next day. 

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Skinfix glycolic renewing scrub 

I use this scrub daily, it leaves my skin so smooth, like silk feel, and I use it before shaving. 

I rinse my body first with lukewarm water and massage for a couple of rounds my legs, arms, chest, hands, and do not forget the feet. I rinse all my body. Skin is soft like newborn skin and radiant. 

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Kiehl’s ultra-facial cream 

This is my last stop of the night routine. First, my toner and then hyaluronic acid, and to finish, I lay the cream. It feels gel-like and non-sticky.

I wake up my skin is hydrated and soft. I have used many Kiehl’ s products. This facial cream is my favorite. The product is very light, and a little goes a long way. 

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 

This is part of my night routine; after a shower and applying toner, I massage a couple of these acid drops into my face, let it dry for a couple of minutes and then use my night cream. 

This affordable product is by far the best hyaluronic acid I have tried. I layer the acid with my ultra-facial cream. Every day I watch my skin getting softer and more moisturized. 

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After a dry period, quarantine, I am glad I find a routine that works for my combination skin. Also do not forget to drink your water 

Let me know down below if you are willing one of those products or already have used them 

Thank you for reading 



The beauty products I used all summer
Article Name
The beauty products I used all summer
My skin is clear, acne-free. People are often surprised when I mentioned my age or realized I have no makeup on (it may sound like bragging. Honestly, I have a baby face). 

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