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Top 5 Fashion Trends of the new year

Top 5 Fashion Trends of the new yearSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Hello, my dear readers, a new year just started, and it is refreshing to witness the trends that will influence our Fashion choice options for 2022. Do we have to shop in every direction?  not really; it solely depends on your style aesthetic and your fashion route for the year, so here is a glimpse of 2022 trendiest pieces. 

The inevitable sweater dresses 

My love for the perfect sweater dress runs deep because comfort is the priority for me, and if you have read my blog, you know I am all about that; second, it favors my curves and height perfectly; yours is truly always looks good in a sweater dress. Now that everyone else has come to the same conclusion as me, the underdog sweater dress is among the top trends for 2022. Our favorite influencers and Fashionistas have been photographed wearing and styling the garment. Hey, 2022 already looks fantastic if you ask me. 

Wild west fringe 

I do not own many fringes except for couples of sweaters and earrings; nonetheless, note that I should invest in some fantastic pieces with fringe I have come across. This year my wish list is to get a pair of boots with fringe with a matching bag. I love the details on Accessories, like bags, boots, jewelry, and a great leather coat. I am linking below a few excellent pieces on my wish list for 2022. 

We are cutting this year. 

Talk about some edgy and sexy styles combined. These asymmetrical cuts are here to stay; it is a trend that appeals to everybody’s body type and style aesthetic. I have several tops and dresses on my wish list. Surprisingly one of the trends I am looking forward to trying out the most in 2022. 

The sky-high platforms 

In my opinion, platforms were always THE trend; however, this new modern colorful sky-high trend is a fresh take on shoes, and it is super fun, this is like spice girl, and power puff mix girls collide to spread some magic to our closet and have powered our walk in these busy streets. I have my eye for a Fuscia pair and cannot wait to style my platforms with colorful dresses, miniskirts, and trousers. 

Do you have these trends marked on your wish list, or have you already embarked on the boat? Let me know in the comments if you are in or out this year. 

Thank you for reading, sharing, and shopping from my links. 


A. J 

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Top 5 Fashion Trends of the new year
Do you have these trends mark on your wish list, or have you already embarked to the boat?

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