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5 photoshoot hacks for multi outfits change

5 photoshoot hacks for multi outfits changeSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

I wanted to cover a little bit more on the photoshoot topics since is it such an important part of my blogger and influencer journey. (Reminiscing on my first fashion photoshoot, man time flies. Okay back to the subject)

I am investing in my future, by taking professional pictures for my content. I need to be productive within a small-time range session with the photographer and maximize my results.

One thing for certain, I quickly understood to have a successful photoshoot I needed to perfect some tricks and master some hacks to create enough contents I needed for my photoshoot. 

Combination of the neutrals

Shop the look

This is honestly a legit skill you guys. (Which I am still working on) Especially when you are in professional setting, time is money, you need to come prepare and ready.

Today I am revealing my hacks so far, I use how to skill the prep to a photoshoot with many outfits’ changes, okay so first things first…

Hack 1

The chronology of the outfits

This step is primordial as knowing which look you want to shoot first and so forth will determine, all the following steps to perfect the timing of getting all your looks together and quick.

Harmonize the hues

Assemble pieces with the same color pattern coordination. (This will fasten the changes because you can shoot with the same makeup and mix and match the accessories with coordinated colors.

Extra Tips 

I choose nude or neutral colors for my shoes and just bring the colors in the accessories.

My favorites neutral colors shoes

Hack 2

Pack Smart 

After choosing your designated outfits that will make the cut, it is time to pack them accordingly. I love to know where everything is situated in my bag. (You do not want to be sweating looking for some earrings for 10 minutes).

Bag everything by category

Arrange a bag for makeup, one for the accessories, the hairpieces, and sunglasses, etc. (I mostly use Ziploc plastics bags; I can see right through and grab exactly what I need.

Extra Tips

Fold the last outfits on the bottom of your suitcase and so forth until the first one is on top.

Hack 3

Wear two outfits at once.

I know you are like what? It is much simpler than you think, I do it all the time especially shooting outside, sometimes you might pick an ideal location without a bathroom near to change or it has a long wait line.

Examples of wearing two outfits at one

Dress smart

Adopt the layering technique, for example, if your first look is a dress and next you are shooting two pieces with a bodysuit, wear the bodysuit under the dress.

Extra Tips 

I put on nude underwear the day of my photoshoot, therefore I can easily have on see troughs, or lighter fabrics.

Hack 4

Work on signature poses

Every influencer has a signature pose and knowing your angle, is a great step to fasten your photoshoot.

Perfect your angle

Practice and practice again, perfect your poses, master how to catch the light, and smile with your eyes. 

Extra tips

When on set I solely focus on my signature poses for each outfit and move to the next look as soon as the pictures are taken.

Gold and neutrals

gold accesories

Hack 5

Know your surroundings

The set needs to have a different background, where you can show the illusion of different scenery. 

Know your lieu

Pick a location where you can have a different background, you are going to shoot for one hour.

Extra Tips

Pre choose each set according to outfit (I recommend visiting the set pre-shoot). 

There you go dear readers, 5 hacks to speed up your photoshoot, while getting quality content. Let me know if you learn something new, please share and comment down below, And to the great photoshoot in the city.


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5 photoshoot hacks for multi outfits change
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5 photoshoot hacks for multi outfits change
Photoshoots are core essential to a fashion blogger. I needed to perfect some tricks and master some hacks to create enough contents I needed for my photoshoot. 

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