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Using social media as my day job

Using social media as my day jobSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

2022, I spent a considerable amount of time on social media, more time than I should have, honestly. Why? Now that I am behind it all I could determine it was utilized as an escape mechanism.

Emotionally the year was a roller coaster of emotions, I was bombarded with stress, in my personal life, at work, and in school, I suffered from Covid 19 (it was harsh) and also vivre dans l’inquiétude of Haiti additionally I had to let go of my beauty supply after six years of operations. 

By Late September I realized something needed to change, I wrote down my aim toward my screen intake for 2023. I categorized my needs for the internet. It shortens into three parts. The blog, my audience, and my work. I needed to start treating my precious time productively.

More sleep time

The lack of sleep was one of the top priority resolutions to overturn in 2023, I have a lot of responsibilities. I work, I go to school, I am a creative (Blogger, photographer, stylist), and taking care of my family of just two. My natural clock wakes me up every day at six am. No matter if I fall asleep at 3h 30 am, my lids will pop open at six in the morning. 

Tips on how to get more sleep

Scheduling, organizing, and planning my days.

Treat each day as a task sheet.

Establish a rule for no phone when laying in bed past 10h pm

More exercise 

Before the pandemic, going for long walks brought me so much joy, I can walk for miles and miles while discovering my entourage, window shopping, mapping the best boutique for gems, and long library reading breaks, I would always mention how the pandemic broke all these peaceful and joyful routines. 

Tips on how to get some exercise done

Commitment to do a home workout for 20 to 25 minutes four to five days a week. 

To go for a run and a long afternoon walk.

Absorption a glass of green juice daily.

More read 

Done are the days when I read a book daily (the Harlequin high school era was everything). I have a long list of books to a must-read for 2023 and I swap my phone for a book if I am in bed and cannot get sleep yet, I indulge in a chapter or two. 

Tips on how to read more

To read books that personally will captivate interest. 

Divide the reading period into as little as thirty minutes per day. 

To create a mini club with friends and family to discuss the book therefore I must finish it. 

More Creativity 

I know once I commit to achieving a goal, I get it done. For 2023, I desire to materialize many of the projects I have kept hidden for so long. 

Tips on how to create more

The desire to collaborate with more creatives and enlarge my space of inspiration.
To start meeting up and creating a space for influencers and bloggers like me who had to commence and (still) learn from the ground up.

Let me know if your 2023 year resolutions are coming to life, what the step you are taking to make them happen 

Thank you for reading and sharing! 

Using social media as my day job
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Using social media as my day job
I realized something needed to change, I wrote down my aim toward my screen intake for 2023

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