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Fourth of July fantastic sales 

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It is the 4th of July weekend, what is the plan? Love. Mine? I am going for a picnic in the park (Central Park with my Lovebean and checking some wishes list off, respectfully. Oh yes most definitely, I’m getting all the sales this summer has to offer; With this economy one needs to spend wisely, way toward a lifetime of sustainability, only getting what I am using (several times) and need on my hebdomadary activities. 

I have asked for the day off, the whole weekend off at work, (Amen), I have been thinking a lot lately of starting my weekly vlog as well (I mean I am overthinking it to be precise). I am anticipating shopping for most of the gadgets and materials I need for the vlog during the holiday sale. (If you have any suggestions for a beginner vlogger, please comment below on what I should get or avoid in terms of equipment). 

I was packing my cold and spring season clothes, and I realized I didn’t have summer much-needed pieces, I was flabbergasted, and no, this is not an excuse to shop tone of pieces, I need some must-have pieces for the hot season, and with this inflation, it is getting harder to get all your needs without hurting your pockets; therefore, I have made a list of where to get my fix and not go over budget. 

I am ordering all of it online and will start a video haul trial to familiarize visualizing myself in HD. That’s right, putting all my creative talent to work, and enlarging my brand, each step of the way. 

Find the fourth of July  deals here 




Best Buy 


Kate Spade Surprise 



Have you thought about getting a lot of shipping done for the fourth of July? If yes, where do you plan to purchase it and why? 

Let me know all your holiday sales routines down in the comments. 

Thank you so much for reading and sharing! 




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