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The must-have scents for this year

The must-have scents for this yearSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

My obsession with scent started at a very age; my uncle on my father’s side came from New York City to visit once I was perhaps between 7 or 9 years old, and I was not happy with the idea of him not bringing any toys, trying to delude the situation he gave me a box which contains a bottle of perfume. Issay Miyake eau de toilette a cylinder, triangle and grey bottle, and metallic top. I was so happy because first I had a “Parfum” and second it smelled divine.

The exchange of my whining for the scent created a defining tradition in my youth; it also happened during the same period I was leaving my grandmother’s nest, to move into our Laboule 12 Grenier home (Kay Manman mwen Zette) with my father and his then-girlfriend. He thought it was one other thing I took after my mother; she used to do scented oil in her youth. Therefore, my interest in Beauty was natural. I started to collect fragrances; I accumulated a vast number of great scents. 

My Godfather gifted me CHANEL no 5, R.B my father’s partner gave me a ROCHAS, and little by little the words were out in my family circle that if you wanted to bring Annevalentine a gift she will be thrilled to receive a fragrance. My older brother until this day maintains the tradition, he gave me all my Nina Ricci perfumes, c’ est une certitude, every time I meet my brother, I get a new scent. 

My reputation for smelling good followed me through junior high school to college, even though back then I was at the annee lumiere of thinking that my passion for everything Beauty and Fashion would become my creative aspiration career for the industry or maybe it was there subconsciously. I didn’t know how to express it. All I know is I was super cool to have all these scents and knowledge of French beauty products. All my friends knew I was the OG when it came to fragrances. I didn’t know about niche perfume by then. My connoisseur skills were about eau De toilette and eau de perfume, and scented oil. 

Gradually my nose for the notes got better and better, and I started to distinguish quality scents from commercial ones. When I moved back to NYC, I knew I had the opportunity to really developed this little fire burning inside of me, I started my blog, went back to school for Fashion courses and decided to put my passion into knowledge. 

My preference for scents is based on their quality, notes, oils, flowers, and spices; I am investing more and more in Niche Perfumes. My goal this year is to have a subtle sillage. I don’t like to overpower my entourage, and nonetheless, if you are close enough, you will be able to submerge in jasmine, white musk, cedar, etc.

One of the most excellent and most appreciated compliments is when someone tells me I smell good so I share my actual scents and now your turn to let me know if you already have them or which one,   I should definitely try on. 

Thank you so much for reading and sharing my blog post 


A. J


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