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Netflix shows who got scotched to my screen

Netflix shows who got scotched to my screenSome of the links in this post are affiliate links.

It’s funny how one’s perspective can change over time, TV was always a big no growing up in my Haitian household, only two hours on Friday night and a few more on Sunday morning was the schedule we were allowed to watch TELE Haiti, my father had a strict policy regarding tv influence over school studies, he wanted straight A’s and watching too much tv equal not so brilliant report card. (Even though the tv rules might seem a lot, my father is the most incredible dad alive and the most nontraditional Haitian dad the only thing that he is strict about is education).

Fast forward to my adulthood, I watched Tv of course plenty of it, but one thing for sure I never allowed myself to have a screen in my bedroom, I can still hear him saying, “television nan chanb fe fanm paresez “. So, I binge-watch my favorite shows in my living room now that I pay for my Netflix subscription. These series have me in a chokehold, and I feel guilty every time I watch more than one episode. 

Who killed Sara? 


The first season of Bridgeton made all of us dream, the seductive duke, the wardrobe, the castles and parties, the cast, it was just perfect in every sense of the way. I believe since sex and the city and Gossip girl, there has not been a more talk about romantic drama series. 

Young Famous and African 

This is what we needed in our screen honey, I love all the personalities of the cast, the confidence, black excellence, and talented artist are a great representation of motherland Africa. I can’t wait for season two. 

Bling Empire 

Next to the word bling in the dictionary just add the cast photograph. I enjoyed the show; each personality and storyline are on point; also excited for season two of the series. 

Queen of the South 

Not so much for the kind of heart, a lot of blood, and death, I think what has picked my interest is that she is telling what she went through before her death. The main characters stand out, and you will yourself cry and reinforce that this type of life is temporary. 

The Ozarks 

This is the type of show; you tell yourself let me watch one episode to see what it is about, and you end up with a huge fan and can’t stop talking about must-watch the show on Netflix. 

Also, important to mention I am a big fan of all the cooking and baking series on Netflix. 

Let me know down in the comments which one of these shows you have watched or planning to start. Do we have the same preference or are you only into comedy and romance? 

Thank you for reading and sharing! 


A. J  


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