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Birthday Month, wish list, and more… 

Birthday Month, wish list, and more… Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Hello, is it my birthday month, Aries season, time to splurge, self-care, and time to celebrate? Oh, most yes!

Okay, where should I start, the month of March is my birthday month and I also share the same birthday with my late mother Zette; the day has always been a very emotional and mystical moment for me. Not really into the party celebration vibe, can’t really remember the last time I had a birthday party, so my mood and enjoyment for the day usually consist of a special dinner with my Love bean, close friends, and family. 

For this year I have been working on the idea of celebrating myself like a mini journey of self-care combined with positive mental health for self-celebration. So, the plan is to gift from me each day a present until the day I first opened my eyes. 

My list consists of the wish lists, items I usually enjoy using, or things I have been willing to get or do, some are a little bit fancy others are small priceless gifts

I am really enjoying the process, and just saying it might be a thing from now on, on a positive note wishing everyone a productive March and a Happy coming up soon Aries season.

March First gift is flowers from Wholefoods

March second Sephora beauty products

March third good reads from Amazon 

The service was top tier, one of WHOLEFOODS florists arranged and nicely made 3 nice flower bouquets 

This is my little heaven on earth sanctuary and what better birthday gift to splurge on than my beauty products 

I have to lack on a good read lately, so I got these 3 amazing authors 

These are the books 

March fourth fanmdjanm bucket hat 

March fifth Shades from & otherstories 

March sixth van Leeuwen ice cream 

Love the essence of this brand, and I am a big bucket hat fan, so it was meant to be

When it comes to shades. One will never have enough, and this pair had my name all over it.

Guilty pleasure, oh hell it’s my birthday month so we will think about the calories in April, for now, pistachio cone, please. 

Can you guess what will the next 17 days unfold? To follow up with my celebration, I will be posting each gift on my social media handle.

Let me know in the comments below last time you had taken the time to celebrate yourself and what did you do

Thank you so much for reading and sharing the blog post 


A. J 


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