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Best trousers to start the year in style 

Best trousers to start the year in style Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Moving from the Caribbean breeze to the apple city craze, the most “exciting” change was from warm days all year long to cold months almost half of the year. I learned to switch my open toes shoes for leather booties and UGG boots, my short dresses for coats and jackets, and style more trousers look. My wardrobe habit was to adapt to the stern; I know I’m not used to the brick wind-cold; nonetheless, the winter/ spring grew on me over time, and a good trouser is an essential piece when styling for the chilly weather. 

My height is 5’8” ish and curvy, a Goddess silhouette heritage from my mother’s side of the family; it is also a bit intricate to find the fitting trouser, especially for the fabric’s element; your girl chooses comfort over everything. Therefore my go-to texture for my trousers is either stretch, cotton material, or twilled denim. There are easy to wear and come in neutral and print hues. The styling options are pretty broad, especially for layering days statement. 

I own quite a few pairs of garment; the list below is the style and brands I shop for the most when looking for a good comfortable pair of trousers. 


I shop this brand a lot, they are very trendy, and the quality-price is reasonable; they carry options from petite to plus size trousers and also have a vast selection of prints and fabrics. I have no specifications for my trousers hues, and I slay any colors also given this year bright and monochrome is the trend. 

Below, I will list my favorite trousers from petite to plus size from NASTYGAL.

Top shop 

One of my favorite trouser prints is from this brand. I have nostalgia because it was one of my first purchases when I started my blog in 2021. I had so many compliments from strangers stopping me from asking where I got the pair. 


I mean, you can mention trousers without Asos. The options are endless from different color prints. And Asos also caters to all sizes 

Good American

The brands cater to all sizes, which is phenomenal, and the quality speaks for itself. I have GA on my wish list all year long for 2022. 


The brand delivers still when it comes to casual wear and when in a rush for a new look and photoshoot. You will find me spying on their racks, looking for the perfect pair. 

Let me know if you have more intention to style your trousers for the winter. Let me know down below your favorite brand and why? 

Thank you for reading, sharing the blog post and shopping from my links. 


A. J 

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Best trousers to start the year in style
my trousers is either stretch, cotton material or twilled denim there are easy to wear comes in neutral and print hues. The styling options are quite broad especially for layering days statement.

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